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The stories we told | September


September brought with it a feeling of better days to come, laced with a bit of Nostalgia.  You could feel a hint of autumn in the air and there was a happy energy of getting back to school and reconnecting with friends. Even if that is done 6 feet apart.

This month I wrote about how important it is to “keep on clicking” even when you don’t think there is anything new to photograph and how the lack of photos may tell a story in and of itself. 

September also welcomed the new design, Good Old Days.  I think what I love best about the design is how it helped so many of you tell stories of the past in a new way.  So many layouts were packed with vintage photos and journaling from days long past.

October is sure to bring on it’s own special energy!  My little house will be filled with birthday cakes and football games and Halloween hijinks- and I’m sure some of that will work its way onto the drawing board.  I have a not-so-spooky design wrapped up and ready to share the first weekend in October- a way to kick off the “Scary Season”!

I wanted to end September by sharing some of the joy created this month- I think each one tells it’s own special little story.

“We are made of stories”




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