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Thinking Outside the Box of Scrapbooking Kit Supplies

Last year, I entered the world of scrapbooking kit subscriptions – the real life paper-you-can-hold-in-your-hands kind. I know I happily live in a digital world of scrapping- but sometimes I like to get my hands literally dirty and cut and paste the old fashioned way.  And as manic as my schedule is- I find the best way to clear the last project form my mind and make room for new ideas is by tuning out and scraping away form my computer.

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One of the things I love best is the day my kit arrives is unpacking it, discovering all it’s possibility and then pulling photos to scrap with. But then, when the glue has dried and the layouts are tucked happily away in their little sleeves- I’m often left with about half a kit left to use for another project. What I’ve done in the past is neatly tuck my goodies back in their pretty packaging and label the kit name and date and file it away for future use. Nice and organized. Or so I thought.
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The problem is, after a few months- I forget what is inside some of the packages. And then- when I open them up again and come across a certain element or paper- I knock myself in the head wishing I had remembered it because it would have been perfect for a project I just wrapped up. So what was the disconnect? I organized everything- how come playing with all my kit supplies outside their box wasn’t fluid?
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I asked a friend, who kind of is an all-things-scrappy Yoda to me- what she does. Does she- dare I even think it- ever split up her kits? She answered, without even hesitating, a simple yep. After the month of their spotlight fades- they get broken up and live a happy life outside the box. Life outside the box…. I don’t know why this seemed so scary to me. I thing I was partially afraid I wouldn’t know how to pair things up the right way-  and when I said that out loud to myself- I realized how bananas that was: “Not pair things up the right way?” – Colors can be matched so many ways- as can themes- and once I played with a kit- taking it apart and putting the pieces with others could help me see new ways to make it work. Life after life so to speak-
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So- here’s what I did. I started with my page kits and took out all the papers and grouped them by colors. All the pinks are together- reds, blues and so on.  Yes- they have two sides- but hard times called for hard measures- and I just picked my fave-at-the time side and called it that color. Done.  Embellishments then got grouped together by type. Veneer together- tiny alphas together, brads, stars, hearts and so on.
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All of a sudden- I could see the forest for the trees! I still do contain them in one way though- only my kits are arranged this way. No outside papers or ellies make it into these containers. At least, not yet- I’d like to keep it small enough that I become familiar with the supplies on hand- because I know that will translate into my using them. (Actually using products has a wonderful way of easing the guilt I spend on acquiring them!)
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Papers are now grouped together by color
embellishments, stamps, paints, word bit are now all grouped by type-
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Now- for the Project Life Kits: As of tonight, I have only broken out the elements. I have the cards grouped  together as the kit they came in.  I am leaving like this for now because they are a more cohesive theme than the page kits- meaning the October card kit I have is a bit fall themed- so it may work in keeping those cards together, the December kit is more holiday themed- etc.  I dont know.  My gut feeling is that I’m going to split these babies up too- but I need to be more fluid in my pocket scrapping to figure what will work best. I’ve only been avidly at Project life for less than a year- and this January I switched to the 9×12 size- so I’m just finding my style now.  Let’s see where I am in a few months 😉
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The Kit Club cards are now out of their boxes except for the current month- and the project life cards are all themed- so I kept them together- I’m not sure if this will look the same in a few weeks_ I am still playing around with a system that works for me-
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I hope that this gives you a push if you are on the fence about breaking up your supplies. I can’t tell you how awesome it feels not to have stacks of boxes and envelopes- and to be able to see everything all together! Not only did it give me renewed love of my goodies- it has helped me save time because now I don’t hunt for things as much. That gives me more time to scrap. And that’s good stuff right there folks.
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What works for you? Boxes, open containers, organizing by theme, type or color? If you have any organizing tips- I’d love to hear them!

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