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To the MOON!

Around here, my big guy is considering a semester abroad for his Junior year in college- and my little guy is slipping into his tweens.. and I’m realizing the days of cuddles and unsolicited smooches are numbered. But the love- that’s always a constant- and to this day, me and each boy say goodnight like this:

me: goodnight kiddo
the boy: goodnight mom
me: love you
the boy: to the moon, Mom
me: and back.

I can’t imagine not saying it- or not hearing it. And wanted to make sure I told the story of it. Those simple sweet words, “To the Moon” that make this mama’s heart just swell- and end each day with a soft smile of love.

That’s what’s on the drawing board this week- and I hope you can use it to tell a few love stories of your own!




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