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Video Tutorial | Making the Gather Together Minibook

It seems like right after the last candy corn disappears – we are full speed ahead into the Christmas. Around here, I really try to slow things down and make sure we enjoy all November has to offer.
I put out a few gourds and branches of colorful leaves in the front hallway, fill a few bowls with acorns we find on our walks and fire up those pumpkin and apple spice candles.  We always try and make the Veterans Day parade and really stop and respect the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of November. And, and really I work to make the boys look forward to seeing family on Thanksgiving as well.

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It’s sad I have to use the word “work” isn’t it? But with all the TV and print ads focusing on Christmas- and the stores being packed with Santas as far as the eye can see on November 1st- you really have to work hard to bring focus to the month we are living in as opposed to the one coming up. Not a day goes by that I don’t grumble that November is not a prequel to Christmas- we need to pay attention to Thanksgiving, gosh darn it!  This is not to say that I don’t think about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving- but I think it’s really important not to let the joy of this holiday season get lost in the anticipation of the December holiday.

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One of the best things about Thanksgiving is that it really can’t be commercialized – not really beyond the grocery store sales of pumpkin spice and turkeys, that is.  It’s a day of simple joy- getting together for a great meal with the people you love and just taking a moment to give thanks for all the blessings we have. Don’t get me started on all the early bird sales that happen on Thanksgiving now- The fact that we now have shopping sales on the day we used to all pause together and give thanks- it just seems wrong to mean on so many levels. Black Friday I can embrace- and yes- really enjoy. Especially shopping online. I have a big turkey and stuffing sandwich on my desk- cozy/comfy clothes and a credit card cleared to charge away. Good stuff there folks.
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So, before I sat down at the drawing board to bring on the Christmas joy- I wanted to give a last hug to Thanksgiving with a design that could help you capture this month’s memories with a simple to make and special to keep design: a mini book!  I adore mini books- especially for the holidays.  I never seem to have as many photos as I’d like- but there are always a bit more than I can fit on a 12×12 layout. I love having them in my Project Life book- but also like having a little something extra that I can put out on the coffee table as a type of decoration. It’s fun to gather up a few of them and put them in a basket- people may not jump to see your scrapbooks- but I promise- no one can resist flipping through a sweet little mini book!
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 I created the design for capturing memories of family time together this month:
 You simply print, fold and assemble the pages to create the 3.5×4 inch mini book that is perfect not only for your own memory keeping- but to give as a favor or house gift this holiday season!
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Included are 3 sheets that when assembled will create a 16 page mini book.  Each page comes as a PDF as well as a  PSD file.  The PSD file has 3 layers: The page to print, the page numbers and the instructions.  This file has also been flatted to a PDF in case you do not have a photo editing program.  You can easily drag your photos and digital pretties on top of the pages before printing- or add them the old fashioned after you have completed your book. Also included is an instruction .txt file as well as a link to the tutorial YouTube Video HERE that explains how easy it is to create!

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