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let’s have JUST PLANE FUN!

Because so many travel stories begin with putting your seats in an upright position– I introduce to you the NEW collection in the shop- JUST PLANE FUN!

I worked to replicate that fun retro vibe of the hey-day of flight travel. Back when you didn’t have to pay for meals,  everyone dressed up and you got to say goodbye at the gate.  There was no TSA, no baggage limit and all kids got comic books and pilots wings.

The landscape may have changed- but one thing has stayed the same- the feeling of anticipation that builds as you board your flight and the childlike wonder of looking out the window at the billows of clouds all around.  Can you tell? I’m one of those people that always claps when we land! 🙂

Here’s a closer look at the collection, which includes a page kit, an alpha set, journal cards, stamps and a cool veneer pennant set as well as a few trips the creative team took with the designenjoy the flight!




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