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autumn is a SECOND SPRING



Here in New York City, nature doesn’t always take the spotlight.  Sure, there is awesome eye candy all around, but you have to look hard to find a pretty flower or stunning natural wonders occurring naturally. Except during the fall.  Even the most humble tree in the bleakest of landscapes will  bloom in such vibrant colors that you can’t help but look up and feel the joy of it all.  One of my favorite quotes about this season is “Autumn is a Second Spring where every leaf’s a flower” –  and this worked it’s way onto my drawing board this week as the new design in the shop- SECOND SPRING. 

Autumn is like Spring, isn’t it? There are so many new beginnings- new school year, the start of the holidays, new wardrobe (yay! boots!) – it is my most favorite time of year- and I hope you can feel that joy in the designs I create to celebrate the season- and that they inspire you to capture your own happy moments these next few weeks 🙂


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