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Plaid Tidings to All!

We are less than two weeks from Christmas and I can honestly say this weekend is when my Holiday spirit really kicked in! Maybe because Thanksgiving was so close to the the start of December- I felt a little shell shocked when I turned the calendar page!

I decorated the house on December 1st and tuned into the Holiday radio station- but couldn’t help wondering- how did we get here so fast and oh my goodness! How am I so behind?

Well, after two weeks of kicking it all into high gear, and laser focusing on all the very best this time of year is about- I feel as if I am finally in a good spot.  There is still a lot to do, but Christmas magic (and Amazon prime 2 day delivery!) is under my wings- and I can trust myself to fly this Holiday to a successful landing. Anxiety, drama are passengers- but I will not let them co-pilot. That seat is saved for JOY!

I found myself drawn to all things bright and traditional and plaid this year when I decorated my house- and I wanted to carry that happy spirit onto the drawing board! And- my addiction to letter boards and quotes to inspire also made it into a design- and i just love how they came out! I hope you do too!

So- the last design of the decade– (whaaattt???) will be the Plaid Tidings Collection! 

A fun mini page kit and a letter board set to add a little extra joy to your stories!

I hope you have a bright and happy Holiday the season! And that you get some time to document your joy!

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