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Planning for Joy 2.0

Planner designs are back in the ForeverJoy shop! Here’s the backstory-
Have you ever had one of those months that just slips by with a million things to do, but it feels like nothing gets done? Your to-do list is long, things may be in overdrive and it feels like the everyday necessities just fall behind? I had that month in February. Each of us at home got sick, about 4 days after each other so I was in a constant state of either fatigue or care mode. The haz-mat duties took center stage, followed by work deadlines, and the thin thread of routine in our home snapped. Not a good feeling.
When March came along, I knew I had to make sure I had a stronger footing on my daily planning. Truth told, since December, I had fallen behind on my calendar prepping- which is kind of concerning since I design planning tools! I am a big believer in reflection- if something isn’t working, there must be a reason why. They say to continue doing something over and over again and to expect a different result is the definition of insanity. 
So- what wasn’t working? I had tons of supplies and a Pin-board and Instagram feed full of inspiration to make my planner pretty. The problem? I had tons of supplies and a Pin-board and Instagram feed full of inspiration to make my planner pretty. Yep. Paralysis analysis. Form was taking over function. I had too many choices, that took too much time.  For me, using planners is a tool to make life easier- to keep the kittens herded. There were a few outside designs I worked with that just had too many pieces, or sets that were so pretty, I got caught up in the fact that once my days were set up- I didn’t want to “ruin” them by writing on the pages!
I took a hard look at the design format I was using- and decided I was going to change things up a bit and be the solution to my own problem. My first goal was to streamline and make sure everything had a deliberate purpose. At the drawing board, one phrase kept looping in my mind- you don’t have a good day, you make it. Joy is not an accident, it must be planned for. That’s the mission of my new planner designs, Plan Your Joy. 
I was committed to making sure the design would:
  • Make planning easy- not overwhelming. 
  • Identify the hot spots of chaos in the everyday, and provide a way to manage them.
  • Color outside the lines of a planner. The design is broken into 2 parts- the Desk Set and the Planner Pretties. The Desk Set lets you brain dump, cross off, make mistakes, call audibles and work out a rough draft of the plan you commit to in your planners.
  • Make planning an extension of your creative side with designs that will make you smile each time you sit down to take control of your day.
  • Put Function first, Form second. (And make sure the Form was super pretty!)
  • Bottom line: No guilt, no stress, low cost and fun to use

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6 years ago

I've always loved ForeverJoy planner kits. I didn't think you could make them any better, but these changes are so practical and helpful!! Great video & lovely kit, I can't wait to play with it myself 🙂

6 years ago

Lisa! You made my day! Thank you! 😉