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When setting out to create a design for this summer – it struck me how this season has can have so many different vibes: your age, your locale, your season of life- all color how you define summertime joy.

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, my world was a tiny one- but I really didn’t know it. Especially not in the summer. For me, once the boundaries of classroom was was lifted- the world seemed endless.  The sun didn’t set until well after 9pm and all I had to do is look down the block left or right, and I’d see friends waiting to play.

I have a Pinboard I collect images of my yesteryears on- and I love to draw from that when I’m telling a story of those days. I don’t have many photos- so I use these to fill in the blanks. (If you want to take a peek- you can see it here)

Back then, summer could be summed up with snapshots of bikes, and playgrounds and ice cream-  That soon changed to late night parties, concerts, dates and days on the beach with friends.  Then, grown up vacations and weekend getaways to the shore and the lake and finally, my favorite so far, sweet summer days with my boys!

I think each of these memories has worked its way onto my drawing board – and each can bring me back to a special types of summer joy. 

Here’s a look at some of the summer joys we have pushed pause on together through the years–  each has a vibe all it’s own- yet each has that unmistakable magic of summer!

All products used can be found in the ForeverJoy Summer Collection here.

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