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Craft the JOY of October!

It’s been said we don’t really remember the days- it’s the moments that stay in our hearts. For me- October has always been a month of happy moments- and I’ve collected a few here as prompts for your photos this month.  (Love prompts? Check out this printable October Prompt sheet with even more ideas!)

I love taking a photo from my window each month– it’s funny how nothing really seems to change day to day- but when I look at  12 months of these little views- it’s amazing how each month unfolds with its own magic!

Every month seems to bring with it its own special flavor! September was packed with apples and caramel- this month there’s been a few Pumpkin Pies in the oven as well as Pot Roasts simmering on the stove top.

Simple Joys of October for me? Walking through the Church Pumpkin patch, decorating for Halloween, crunching in the leaves during an afternoon walk with my pooch!

Bonfires are one of my favorite things about Autumn nights! We just got a wood burning one for the yard- because even though I love the convenience of my little propane pit- there’s just something wonderful about the crackle and pops and delightful smell of a real wood fire! Even on nights we don’t light a fire- you can be sure there are a few candles burning and a string of twinkle lights blinking softly on the mantle. Simple little magic.

Autumn more than any other time seems to be when we get to gather together closer as a family. More family dinners, more road trips- more Saturday afternoons on the football field- Fall and Family go hand in hand for me.

I took a photo of the absolute mess that explodes in my bedroom when I change out the clothes for the season- and no- I do have some humility- I will not be sharing that one here- but it did make it to my album because its real life.  And the piles of cozy sweater arranged in pretty colors in my drawers- and the line up of Fall boots? yep! that’s in the album as well!

And finally- HALLOWEEN! I simply adore the spooky fun of it all- I love seeing all the little ones running up and down the block Trick or Treating- I love the movie marathons we have at home! And- for me- it’s a happy kick off to the holiday season!

This month- be sure to capture the moments that make you smile with your photos- that is the secret to pushing pause on the good stuff each season offers to us.

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