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Pushing Pause on Autumn

This year especially, Autumn seemed to fly by. I don’t know why- maybe because there is such a short time that everything seems so golden and perfect and there are so many things we try and pack into the season between football and Halloween and pumpkins and hikes and bonfires- but autumn drifts away into memory like the last colored leaves-

Before November slips away and the Holidays are here- why not take a moment to collect your photos from the past few months and take some time to pull your stories together?

If you don’t have the time to make a few layouts, why not write yourself an email inserting your photos and writing a few thoughts about them? You could even make an email account just for this purpose- letters to yourself documenting your days with photos and words or even screen shots.

Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your Autumn storytelling: 

Things as simple as simple snapshots of everyday life

times cooking together

times around the table

times laughing together


and times playing in the autumn sun


The 100 days of Autumn have  thousands of little moments- take time and gather s few of your favorites- big and small and push pause on them before we pass into another season of joy.




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