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Crafting the JOY and “meh” of Winter

I have a love-hate relationship with winter. Come November 1 after all the pumpkin spice palooza- I can’t wait to cozy things up with knits and layers and all things comfy-cozy, and then comes the magic of the holidays, the thrill of the first snow and the delight of slow cooked dinners and nights by the fire.  So much to love! The beginning of January is a quiet crisp white page ready to be written on with all the promises a new year brings with it. A peaceful break from the fast pace of and celebrations of December. Then- the decorations come down, the house looks way to stark- and it’s flipping cold.  Yep- by week 3,  I’m freaking freezing, dreaming of streets free from ice, BBQ dinners and sunlight.  Where the heck is the sunlight?  Bring on Spring!

Of course this manic love is clear as day on my drawing board- I added two winter loving new designs to the shop this year- Yeti for the Holidays and Chill Out. Both are packed with graphics and word art that share all the joy I feel for this time of year- and I think it’s pretty clear that there is so much to love about winter-

like the smell of warm fresh baked cookies (and by fresh made I mean sliced off the log- but this kid doesn’t know any different!) 


the awesome anticipation of the Holidays


the first few snowfalls and the chilly red cheeks of little guys playing outside-

bundling up and enjoying hot cuppas in cozy clothes- 

There’s really so much to love about the winter- even beyond the holidays.  But more than any other season- I find my love for this time of year is as fickle as a 6th graders crush! 

Recently here in NYC, we had a cold snap that brought with it wind chill of -4. There was just no getting warm. And- it’s only January- I know that we have feet of snow and layers of ice just waiting for at the turn of the calendar page- and all I can say is- man, I am so done with winter.  I don’t want to go on this wild frosty ride for 8 wore weeks!

But- I also don’t want to wish away any days- so- what is else is there to do but throw a little shade at the season and bring a sunnier vibe to my drawing board?  After this weekend- my drawing board is officially closed to all things winter (you know, until the next time I fall in love with Jack Frost, say in November?) I am wrapping it all up with a Word Art pack that shows no love what so ever to winter 😉

I leave you with a look at some of the snark I created while “test driving” the new add-on  to the Chill Out design

The Word Art Pack hits the shop January 25th. It may not bring spring any sooner- but at least it will keep my smiling at the Winter- sarcastically of course- (any smile is a good one- right?)

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