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Crafting the Joy of Breakfast

There is a new digital scrapbooking design on my drawing board called Sunny Side Up that is packed with more goodies then you would find at a Denny’s Breakfast Buffet– pancakes, waffles, eggs and bacon- and even a few cocktails for those decadent days of brunching.

The spark for the design was actually my grumpiness with the cold winter mornings of February- and a little bit of Spring fever.  “Sunnier days have to be ahead…” I found myself thinking as I poured my morning fuel of coffee. ” I just have to keep my sunny side up!” *ding* “That would make a fun design” – These internal monologues go on  throughout the day- please tell me I’m not alone in this!

Anyway, I set out designing happy little breakfast images in sunny colors and then, when all was said and done, I sat back and thought- “It’s pretty cool- but is it usable?  How many stories of breakfast can I really tell? Without being repetitive- or, um, boring? lol!”

So I did a quick Google photo search in my library and just put in the work “breakfast”- JOY! I was surprised of all the photos the search picked up- and when I looked closely at them- almost every picture was about so much more than the good eats on the plate.

There’s this photo of the boys on Saint Paddy’s morningI love how delighted they were at the sight of a totally green breakfast!

Then I found this long forgotten photo of a typical Saturday Morning– the stuffed animals, the bottle, the sweet PJs- it made my heart sigh.  This was a lazy Saturday that they got to have their breakfast “in bed” and watch cartoons. Ryan looks like he’s explaining a plot line, and little Liam looks absolutely  entranced. It’s role that’s been relayed 100’s of times in our home.  I don’t think I’ve told that story yet- and it’s one definitely worth telling.

Then I came across this photo. I smiled at the memory.  Each year before the first day of school, I would take the boys for a special breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.  Chocolate milk and a frosted donut.  It was ritual- until the mornings got busier and we lost the luxury of simple slow starts to the day. Now, the pace is a little faster, and Donut Days have been pushed to the weekends- I need to capture this moment in a layout for sure…


Finally, there’s this photo.  This one made my heart a ache a little.  It’s not, as you might think, a photo of the little guy enjoying pancakes at McDonalds. It’s more.  If you look at his smile, with a mama’s eyes,  you can see it’s not really a happy one.  We had just dropped his big brother off at the airport for a week long trip to Ireland.  Liam was heart broken. It was the longest the two would have been apart in their lives- they had a rushed goodbye because of airport security, and I know both had a few hugs and words left unsaid. We tried to cheer him up with his favorite breakfast- but this was beyond the power of pancakes. It was a hard morning.


There are so many photos that I have tagged as “breakfast”- Looking at each, and using the setting and time as a prompt- I am struck by how many “breakfast time” stories I have yet to tell!  I love that! Sometimes I think that my life is a little too routine to make for a good layout- but then, when you look closer at the routines and the everyday- you can see how many special stories there are to tell. 


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[…] Once this new design got rolling, I fell in love with it- and one pun after another filled my drawing board. How fun are those retro ellies? And I just knew the stories I wanted to tell with it went beyond the breakfast table.  I wrote a little about that backstory early on the blog here.  […]