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It’s that happy time of year when the weather starts to change and you can’t deny Spring is in the air- and this year I think we all have a happy case of Spring Fever! I for one am looking forward to a serious deep home cleaning  since we all have spent so much time indoors- and much to hubby’s dismay- I foresee us moving all the furniture around because I definitely have the need to shake things up around here! Marie Kondo tidy session? yes please! and-  I also have this weekend bookmarked for some much needed retail therapy where I hit the values at Target at Home Goods and spruce up my nest with flowers and bunnies and all things happy and light!

I can’t wait to enjoy the outdoors with the boys- because let’s face it- they are never to old to goof around in the grass- especially now that they have an excuse of playing with the dog! I have a feeling we will be buying bubbles and balls “for the dog”-  and they will be free to be silly for one more season!

I thought it would be fun to kick off this month with a design that has a definite Spring vibe and gives a little love to the place that has kept us all grounded and happy and connected – home.

My nest is best- (and yours is too!) for so many things! Those are the stories I hope you will tell with the design!  You can find it in my shop here.




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