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Want to tell some Dog Tails?

As many of you know – we did a very 2020 thing right before Christmas and added a puppy to our pack! He’s a goofball and fluff ball all in one with a little black spot over his eye that prompted us to name him “Dempsy” after the Irish boxer- Jack Dempsy- though this pup is much more of a lover than a fighter! He’s a Sheepadoodle- which means he is a little too clever for his own good- and keeps up on our toes! The one thing I love best about him is how much he has brightened these days for my youngest- Liam (14) – especially those days he is stuck at home with remote learning.  Every little boy needs a dog I think- and his mom needs an extra dash of merlot to deal with all!

Is it any wonder that all this puppy love worked its way onto my drawing board for Valentines Day?

DOG TAILS is a bright happy mini kit I designed to help tell- you guessed it- the tales of our pups!

I kept the pooches white so you can fill them in with our own special colors if you’d like- and went a little crazy with the patterns- I am definitely smitten with it! In fact- here’s two layouts I made while taking it for a test drive with Dempsy as well as some closeups and layouts made with the kit!

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