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Plan your Joy | Hello Beautiful Edition


Hello Friends! Ready to Plan some JOY?

A good day is the sum of lots of tiny decisions, from the meals you plan, the tasks you complete and the ones you let go of, and the things you decide to make a priority,  joy is yours for the taking. Grab on to it with both hands by directing your days, and not just letting them tumble by. You don’t have a good day, you make it.   That’s the mission of my new planner designs, PLAN YOUR JOY.

Why choose the PLAN YOUR JOY designs?  Each piece in a collection is purposefully designed to:

  • Make planning easy- not overwhelming.
  • Identify the hot spots of chaos in the everyday, and provide a way to manage them.
  • Allow you to color outside the lines of a planner. The design is broken into 2 parts- the Desk Set and the Planner Pretties. The Desk Set lets you brain dump, cross off, make mistakes, call audibles and work out a rough draft of the plan you commit to in your planners.
  • Make planning an extension of your creative side with designs that will make you smile each time you sit down to take control of your day.
  • Put Function first, Form second. (And make sure the Form was super pretty!)
  • Bottom line: No guilt, no stress, low cost and fun to use!

So many fans asked for the Hello Beautiful Collection to be translated into a planner design- that I had to give it a go- and I’m so glad I did!  The result is a soft, versatile design that compliments so many planning systems!  And with May just a few days away- the timing is perfect!  And with National Scrapbooking Day just around the corner, I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss out on the savings that will be offered that day- so, this design is being offered at the NSD price today!




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