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craft the joy of your HOMETOWN SUMMER


Summer is in full swing at my place and while every momma knows the livin’ ain’t easy this season- it sure is good!

We don’t have any big vacation plans this summer other than a few day trips.  Truth told- I’m more of an Autumn traveler.  the thought of waiting on lines and in crowds at the usual kiddie parks in the summer heat is a nightmare to me.

I truly believe one of the very places to go this season- and the one place that will make the most difference in the memories my boys have of their childhood summers is right here at home! Travel is awesome- but- most of the stories our summers are made of are in our own backyard- and I wanted to celebrate that with this design!

I worked to design HOMETOWN SUMMER to capture the little joys that make up simple summer days. It has a fun retro vibe and bright happy colors and lots of details to help you tell the stories of your own summer days.  You can get a peek of the design in the video below and see even more layouts by visiting the shop here.  Here’s wishing you a terrific summer- no matter how far (or near!) it take you!




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