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Living in a SCHOOL DAZE

2020 has been a crash course in making lemonade from bananas! One of the most challenging changes that came with the Quarantine was moving to a virtual classroom routine from home, especially for my 8th grader, Liam.

I have felt like a manic cheerleader trying to convince everyone that it’s all going to be fine as I can hear the crazy circus play in my head.

This is indeed, my circus and, yep, these are my monkeys, and it’s up to me to make sure the show goes on!

That’s the theme for the mash up in my new design, School Daze. I may have gone too far out there with it- but I think a lot of joy makers will get it. And maybe we can share a laugh at the circus of homeschooling we collectively had front row seats to this year!

I just wrapped the design up late Friday night- and I’ll be sharing layouts over the weekend during the June BYOC at the Lilypad. For now- here’s a closer look at some of the papers and pretties inside the mini!

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