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Hello New Year!

Here’s wishing you all the joy of the new year- the clarity to see it, the strength to create it and the inspiration to capture it!

Hello 2021! It’s a new year packed with endless possibilities and so many stories waiting to be created and captured! If 2020 has taught is anything- it is that the little things matter most- and that every day is a gift that should never be sent back unopened.

It’s funny how we were far apart- but so very much on the same page. Even while socially distant- we went through so many of the same things together. Fears, challenges, hobbies (bread making? yep! I can do that now! Instapot and slow cooker? I am now a master!)  – binge watching (I’m looking at you Tiger King and The Office!) – and JOY!

I think it’s pretty cool how so many of us found joy in the same places– even when we were told the world was falling apart around us and that we were all so very different from each other.

Some things I believe made so  many of us smile in 2020:

  • The simple cozy comforts of home and the people in our core tribe
  • trying new recipes and getting awesome results
  • the pride at realizing how very strong and resilient we are
  • watching our kids embrace Plan B day after day and hit so many curve balls out of the park
  • the gift of a slowed pace- and time we never thought we would have.  Suddenly, naps were cool- reading a good book was easier, and movie marathons brought families closer together.
  • more time spent with our pets – and for many of us- the wet nose and squirmy love of a new puppy!

We added a new little guy to our family- just a few days before Christmas! I can be honest and tell you I don’t know what the heck I was thinking! In a Hallmark Movie it’s pretty magical to have a puppy for the Holidays- but for this Mom trying to pull out Christmas magic out of my ear and hold this circus of a Covid Christmas together- it was an act of madness lol!

I haven’t slept for days- I am personally responsible for increasing the stock of Carpet Cleaning solutions and have traded my Stitch Fix boxes for a monthly Bark Box- but- I seriously couldn’t be happier!

This little guy is just a bundle of unending goofiness! He keeps me moving (getting steps in is really no longer a challenge!) and  has me seeing things in a whole new way. I’m exhausted and delighted all at the same time.

Say hello to Dempsy– we thought that black eye needed a call out- so we named him after the fighter, Jack Dempsy. 🙂 We drove up to Corning New York for a 12 hour round trip to get him.  He’s a Sheepadoodle and is sitting at my feet right now as I type this. (Much to the horror of my teen-  I did a very mom thing and started an Instagram account for Dempsy- you can follow him here!)

Yep. I am in love.

Here’s wishing you all the joy of the new year- the clarity to see it, the strength to create it and the inspiration to capture it!





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